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A New approach

Are you tired of the countless hours of seeking help, counseling and 
conversations around those resistant issues in your life? 

Sometimes, it helps to take a whole, new approach in order to find answers. 

So Let me ask you: 

Have you ever stepped back to see the helicopter view of your life? 

This is what The PIN Code is all about.

It will help you to identify your passions, clarify your purpose and prioritize your calling - while eliminating the mindset and patterns that have been holding you back from living fully and powerfully.

The PIN Code Program will give you an opportunity to 

scan your life while getting you immersed in the subtle 

observations that will alter the way you live forever!

This revolutionary course is designed for the spiritually-minded professional who is desperate for change. If you find yourself in-between places, trying to make some tough changes in your life or  seeking new direction, then this program is what you need.

Dissolve Unhealthy Patterns 

We will help you identify the repetitive, unhealthy patterns that are holding you hostage and will give you tools to dissolve them so that you can move into a season of accelerated growth.

Release Emotional Blocks

We will guide you in releasing the unresolved emotional baggage that is blocking you from living fearlessly. 

Examine your generational inheritance

We will assist you in identifying your Generational Inheritance, which can be a blessing or curse. 


unlock your

divine design

Time to let go of the distorted view of yourself, so that you can reclaim your God-given passion and focus. 

You have a unique personal code and we will help you assemble it.


We will clarify the relationship between your career and calling, as well as the difference so that you can be empowered to live in greater freedom. 



Chris Truter, South Africa

I have been battling for a long time with who I am, and what my calling and life purpose is. At the stage in my life where I am now, this is of great importance, as one needs to decide which direction to take going forward.  This is exactly what God has come and done through The PIN Code.  It also revealed a lot of misconceptions that there are in life, and in one’s spiritual life/walk with the Lord/”religion”.  I would encourage everyone to do this program, as I think most of us are caught up in these misconceptions which are imposed on us by the world/tradition, and inevitably, this either puts us on a stray road, or keep us from achieving our full potential of what God intended us to be.  With all these out of the way, I experience a lot more freedom, can enjoy who I am and who God has made me, and excitingly can plan my life direction/path going forward.

Onisoa, Argentina

The PIN Code is an effective and accurate mentoring and coaching program that helped me deal with core principles of my life (who I am and where I’m going to) but also that encouraged/forced me to think it through and to make a decision to move and follow a certain path in my life. It reminded me that we just have one life so we better make it a priority to live it the way it was intended to be! 


Andy Holten, USA

To be honest, because  of the background I come from I was not too excited about it at first. Over the last 15 years of working in the local church in the USA, I was in the corporate church movement. Most
of the time it sounded like a infomercial promoting the next new thing about leadership and ministry. Even though some of the terminology used in The PIN Code sounded familiar, I knew God had a plan for the past week and you guys being a part of that. Overall I really was blessed by the week, specifically to realize the enemy had been stealing from me for many years. The truth that God has a design and gifting that he gave us to use and walk in was revealed this week. My desire is to share my story with others through what God moves me into. Thanks for being the light, sharing the truth, and following what God has called you to do. I'm blessed to know you.

Catarina Cavegn, Switzerland

I learnt a lot about myself and who I am in God. I loved seeing the golden thread through my life and how everything works together. And then the vision board was amazing. I’m dreaming again with God and looking forward to the next step! 

Erik Karanja, Kenya

This program has been a tremendous tool in helping me see the different aspects of my life as one journey instead of disconnected experiences. When I came to do the program, I needed clarity as to where I was in my life. The Lord has used this program to help me understand this, and I am encouraged as I look ahead to the next season of my life, because I know where I need to focus my time and energy.


Estie Erasmus, South Africa

I had no Idea what my purpose was until I did The PIN Code and just to rediscover myself and to be set free of my past and to now focus on making my Life Story count when People look back at my Life.

Rochelle smetherham, South Africa/USA

The PIN Code really helped me see more clearly the direction God was leading me in my calling and life.  It has helped me become more focused, be moved to take risks, and even pursue dreams that got buried in life's busyness.  It helped me focus and have strategy and courage to move forward in my calling, to make decisions without fear, trusting God's leading, and to have faith to move forward in area of reconciliation, my calling.  It helped me see God's hand in leading me in my life, and motivated me to move forward in pursuing dreams and setting goals in mentorship to accomplish those dreams God has for me.

Wade Morris, USA

This has helped me become aware of my "default settings" in patterns in my life as well as my decision making process.  Being aware of these settings, will help me recognize them when I am functioning by default.  I am also encouraged to find a mentor who I can process my life with and where I am heading.

My biggest takeaway from The PIN Code was recognizing how in control God is in our lives.  It is so easy to forget, or not recognize His guiding hand.  If you never take time to look back over your journey, where you are currently at, and where you want to go, then it is very easy to not see God at work.  Once you step out and try to see the "bird's eye view" of your life, then you can start to recognize the patterns and  the aspects of our lives.


Lorena Cardenas, Phillipines

Thanks for a wonderful week and for sharing the gift that God has given you. The PIN Code is a very creative idea of packaging basic and practical teachings of the Christian life and some like me must have reached to a point of knowledge overload but you presented it in such a powerful way (that is a God-factor!). With all honesty, i find it very RELEVANT (content), EXCITING (presentation) and LIBERATING (application), regardless of the variables among the participants. It is like digging deeper into a treasure box, discovering that there is something precious hidden for a long time, and seeing a new form of beauty, meaning and significance, thus bringing in lots of God-inspired dreams and vision for the future.

Marjon Busstra, Netherlands 

It is said that in order for us to know where we’re going, we need to know where we come from. The PIN Code has helped me to do exactly that: It has given me an understanding of where I come from, what in the course of life I’ve received and put in my ‘shopping basket’, what I need to ‘shop’ for more and where I want to go with all of that. Standing at a major intersection in life where I’m moving into new territory and where I am still exploring what that looks like, The PIN Code has given me the assurance and confidence that God has already given me ‘what it takes’ and that I’m free to pursue my dreams.

Susana Niecyzporuk, Argentina

For me it was such a freedom to realized that no matter what I do if I am "me" there is no way I can go wrong.



Susan Oines, USA

I think the element of “coaching one another” is a very important aspect of the program.  Our group sessions where we took time to listen to one another and then speak into one another’s lives was  very powerful. I think that’s a huge strength of the Masterclass… participation and contribution from the group.